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Welcome to the BlogWatcher service

What is BlogWatcher?

In technical terms, BlogWatcher is a web-based news aggregator. For those who don't spend their days writing code, that means that BlogWatcher monitors the content of the sites that you specify, and presents the most recent updates to you on one convenient page. Rather than visiting 10 (50, 100?) pages to see what's new, BlogWatcher will do it for you.

It accomplishes this magic using something called RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication. As long as the page you want to monitor supports RSS, you can monitor it with BlogWatcher. Most modern blog software, and most news services, include RSS support, or it's cousin, ATOM, which BlogWatcher also supports.

There are many fine RSS readers out there. Where BlogWatcher tries to be different is in the way that entries are presented to you. Most readers will show all of the content from a given site grouped together. BlogWatcher shuffles the content from all of your various pages into one block, sorted by date. So the most recent entries will come up first, regardless of where they were published.

The other thing BlogWatcher does to try to make your life easier is to simplify the process of subscribing. Most RSS software requires that you locate the URL to the RSS "feed" for the site you want to monitor. I've tried to take some of the guesswork out of it for you for some of the more common subscriptions. So if you want to subscribe to a Xanga user, or a user, you don't need to hunt for that RSS URL. Just type the username in and choose the appropriate type, and BlogWatcher will do the rest

A note about MySpace: MySpace URLs usually look something like So it would seem to make sense to put, in this case, my_friends_id in to subscribe to this. Unfortunately, MySpace's RSS URLs aren't built that way. You have to use a number which is hidden on the page in order to subscribe to that person. I would recommend, for MySpace, that you check out the QuickSub option. It's much less confusing and error prone.

I plan on putting some documentation together on BlogWatcher in the near future. Until then, play around with it, and let me know where you find things confusing. You can reach me via email at