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An explanation of this form

This form lists all of your current subscriptions, plus has room at the bottom to add a new ones. Each subscription, whether new or existing, collects the same pieces of data

Service: This is the blog service that hosts the blog to be subscribed

User: The name used to access the blog. In the case of Xanga and LiveJournal, this should be readily available from the URL used to access their blog. But MySpace is more complicated. You need what MySpace calls a "FriendID" which is a number associated with the user. If you look at a URL for a specific blog entry, rather than the whole site, you should see, buried in there, something that looks like "FriendID=" followed by a series of numbers. It's those numbers that you need to enter here. Sorry it's so complicated.

You can try entering the URL to the page you want to subscribe to, rather than looking for the RSS feed. In that case, choose the "Best Guess" option from the Service: dropdown, and the system will attempt to calculate the best URL to use for the subscription

Label: This is just a piece of text, for your use, so that you can easily distinguish this entry from others, in case you can't remember that PythonPhan on Xanga is really lovable me. ;)


If you wish to delete a subscription entry, choose "Delete" in the service field, and it will be deleted when you submit it.

Note: If you enter a non-existant user, the system won't see it as an error. You'll just never see any entries for that "user's" blog

Note 2: I've added a new service: "Generic." This is to allow you to put in a full URL to any arbitrary RSS feed. If you don't understand what that means, then it's probably best if you don't use it. ;)